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Terms and conditions of Kiwi Property Gift Cards

  1. The following terms and conditions (“Terms“) apply where you use, purchase or contribute to a Kiwi Property Gift Card (“Gift Card“) or e-Gift Card (“e-Gift Card“).
  2. By using, purchasing or contributing to a Gift Card or e-Gift Card, you agree to these Terms.
  3. If you allow another person to use or take possession of your Gift Card or e-Gift Card, you must tell that person that they will be bound by these Terms.
  4. In addition to these Terms, you should also refer to participating retailers’ general terms and conditions.

Kiwi Property Gift Cards

  1. Kiwi Property Gift Cards are issued by Kiwi Property Group Limited (“Kiwi Property”) and are redeemable for merchandise or services sold at any participating retailer at shopping centres owned or managed by Kiwi Property. View our list of participating centres, retailers and where to use Gift Cards here.
  2. Gift Cards may not be used for any other purpose.  Purchase with a Gift Card is as if the purchase was made by way of cash payment. Gift Cards may not be redeemed for cash.  They are not legal tender, account cards, credit or debit cards or securities.
  3. A single Gift Card can be loaded with a minimum value of $10 and a maximum value of $1,000.
  4. We cannot sell more than $4,999 of gift cards to any individual, company or other legal entity within any 3 month period.  We also cannot split a bulk order exceeding $4,999 of gift cards into multiple smaller orders, even where those smaller orders may be spread over a timeframe longer than 3 months.
  5. Gift Card credit will expire 24 months from issue date. After expiry, the Gift Card is no longer valid. All transactions will be declined and any outstanding balance will be forfeited to Kiwi Property.  Find out the expiry date on your Gift Card and check your balance here.
  6. Gift Cards should be held in a secure place, as any person holding the Gift Card may be able to use it to make purchases.
  7. Lost or stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced. Any unused balance left on expiry will not be refunded.
  8. Gift Cards will be void and will not be redeemable if they are defaced, mutilated, altered or tampered with in any way.
  9. Kiwi Property and the shopping centres it owns and manages are not a party to any purchase contract using the Gift Card and are not liable for and make no warranty regarding the availability, quality or fitness for purpose of any goods or services purchased with the Gift Card. If you have a dispute about the goods or services, you must resolve the dispute with the retailer where you purchased them.
  10. If you wish to return goods to the retailer you purchased them from with your Gift Card, it is not possible to reimburse funds to the Gift Card. The retailer will need to provide a refund or credit, subject to the terms and conditions under which the original purchase was made at the store.
  11. The bearer of a Gift Card may not consolidate the balances of several Gift Cards onto a new Gift Card.
  12. Kiwi Property reserves the right to cancel any Gift Card, or the Gift Card programme, for any reason at any time without notice. If this occurs, the balance on all valid Gift Cards will be refunded to the holder on presentation of the Gift Card.
  13. Kiwi Property may vary these Terms from time to time by posting revised Terms on our website. If you already have a Gift Card and you are unhappy with any changes to the Terms, then the Gift Card balance will be refunded upon request as long as you make that request prior to the expiry of the Gift Card.
  14. Your Gift Card may not be copied or reproduced in any circumstances.

Kiwi Property e-Gift Cards

  1. Kiwi Property e-Gift Cards can be purchased online at (“Website”)-. The person purchasing the e-Gift Card is referred to as the “Contributor”.
  2. The Website allows the Contributor to email the e-Gift Card to the recipient’s nominated email address at a nominated date and time (“Nominated Date“), provided that the Nominated Date must be no later than one year after the date on which the e-Gift Card is purchased by the Contributor.
  3. Once set, the nominated email address and Nominated Date cannot be changed.
  4. An e-Gift Card can be loaded with a minimum value of $10 and a maximum value of $1,000.

Kiwi Property e-Gift Card Registry

  1. Kiwi Property’s e-Gift Card Registry (“Registry“) allows for multiple people to contribute to a single e-Gift Card for a single recipient. This is done at the Registry, which is available on our Website.
  2. The Contributor can choose to either be the sole contributor or invite other parties to contribute. If the Contributor wishes to invite other parties to contribute, those parties will receive an email, link or Facebook message allowing them to do so.
  3. Contributions must be made before the cut off date, which will be made clear on the Website and is the date when all contributions need to have been made. No further contributions will be allowed after that time. If, by the cut off date, no person other than the Contributor has contributed to the e-Gift Card, the e-Gift card will be sent to the recipient to the value contributed by the Contributor.
  4. An e-Gift Card via the Registry can be loaded with a minimum value of $10 and a maximum value of $1,000 by a single user, to a maximum of $5,000. Please note that, when redeemed, multiple Gift Cards will be issued for amounts over $1,000.

Redeeming an e-Gift Card

  1. Once the recipient has received the e-Gift Card, the recipient takes it to the customer service desk at any participating shopping centre and is issued with a Gift Card (or, if applicable, multiple Gift Cards).
  2. The e-Gift Card must be exchanged for a physical Gift Card in a participating shopping centre within one year of the Nominated Date. If the e-Gift Card is not exchanged for a physical Gift Card by that date, the e-Gift Card will no longer be valid and the balance of the e-Gift Card will be forfeited to Kiwi Property.
  3. Only the person who provides us with the e-Gift Card will receive the Gift Card.
  4. Kiwi Property takes no responsibility if the e-Gift Card is obtained and used by the wrong person, where the wrong email address is used by the Contributor or where the e-Gift Card is lost or stolen, unless this is the fault of Kiwi Property.
  5. Subject to any rights you may have at law, including under the Consumer Guarantees Act, all e-Gift Cards are sold on a no refund, exchange or cancellation basis.
  6. These Terms are governed by New Zealand law.


32.   Details on what information we collect and how we use it is set out in our privacy policy, which is available here. By providing us with information about you or any other person, you must be authorised to provide such information and you agree to our privacy policy.

33.   We do not collect any credit card information in the purchase of gift cards online.  This information is collected and used by Payment Express.


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