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Give a gift card

Stuck for a perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding or to celebrate a great achievement for your team.
Or maybe you have left it too late to get something into the post in time.
Why not give a Kiwi Property Gift Card?

You can order the e-Gift Card for delivery to your inbox or theirs within 24 hours - and include a personalised message.
Or purchase a gift card from the Customer Service Desk at one of our shopping centres.

Kiwi Property Gift Cards can be redeemed at over 800 stores across eight shopping centres across New Zealand.

Due to recent legislation changes we cannot sell more than $4,999 of gift cards to any individual, company or other legal entity within any 3 month period. We also cannot split a bulk order exceeding $4,999 of gift cards into multiple smaller orders, even where those smaller orders may be spread over a timeframe longer than 3 months.

*Gift card terms and conditions apply.