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  • Kiwi Property Gift Cards

    From fashion to food, personal services, homewares, entertainment and everyday amenity - it’s the ultimate gift of choice.


Choose your value

Customise to any value between $10 and $1,000

Range of stores

Use at over 800 stores nationwide

Easy to use

Follow the retailers instructions and just swipe at the stores eftpos terminal to make a payment

Go in with friends

The e-Gift Card Registry allows a group of people to contribute towards a card up to a value of $4999.

Available nationwide

Able to be used at 8 shopping and lifestyle centres nationwide from Auckland to Christchurch

Check your balance

Check the balance remaining on your card online

The perfect gift

Whether you order online or buy in centre you can add a personalised message

Lots of options

Buy in centre or online. The e-Gift Card offers delivery with 24hours to the recipients in box

Delivered anywhere

Our e-Gift Card arrives within 24 hours - great for that last minute gift

How to buy

Gift cards are available from the Customer Service Desk at Sylvia Park, LynnMall, The Base, Centre Place, The Plaza and Northlands.
EFTPOS only, no cash transactions.
Due to recent legislation changes we cannot sell more than $4,999 of gift cards to any individual, company or other legal entity within any 3 month period. We also cannot split a purchase exceeding $4,999 of gift cards into multiple smaller transactions, even where those smaller transactions may be spread over a timeframe longer than 3 months.

*Gift card terms and conditions apply.