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    Online and quick. Spoil someone today, and they can shop tomorrow!

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Need a last minute gift?

The e-Gift Card allows you to send a Kiwi Property Gift card by email.

The recipient of the e-Gift Card will receive an email that contains a personal message from the contributor as well as details of the value of the gift card they are receiving and most importantly, a redemption code.

The recipient takes the redemption code to the Customer Service Desk of their favourite Kiwi Property Shopping Centre (a list of participating centres can be found here) and shows proof of ID (drivers licence, passport, proof of age card are fine). If the recipient is under 18 an adult will need to pick up the card for them. The card will be available for pick up 24 hours after creation. They will receive a Kiwi Property Gift card, to the value nominated, that they can use at over 800 stores nationwide.

You can find out more about Kiwi Property Gift cards here or see where they can be used here.

Please note that due to current issues with the payment system there are some issues with overseas payment methods.

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How do I order?

It’s really simple

  1. Register your details – the person creating the e-Gift Card is known as the contributor. You can register using email or sign in with Facebook. You only have to register once and then just sign in whenever you want to send an e-Gift Card in future.

Now you are all set to create a new e–Gift Card

  1. Enter the details of the person you want to send the e-Gift Card to – they will be known as the recipient. You will need
    1. The event name e.g.: Mum’s Birthday
    2. The recipient’s first name and last name
    3. An email address. If you want to send the e-Gift Card direct to the recipient then make sure you add their address. If you want to send the redemption email to yourself so you can wrap it or put it in a card then just put your own email address here
    4. Recipient’s mobile
  2. You can then add a personalised message for the recipient and click next. If you want others to contribute, find out about our e-Gift Card registry here
  3. If you choose to send the e-Gift Card direct to the recipient, you can now select the date and time you want the recipient to receive their email notification  of the Gift Card along with your personalised message. Delivery of the email can be from 24 hours after creation to up to a year in advance. Once set, the delivery date cannot be changed.
  4. Add the value you want to contribute to the card. The minimum is $10 and the maximum is $1,000
  5. You will then see a summary of all the information for you to check. If this is all correct then proceed to payment where you will be taken to a secure, external payment site
  6. Once payment is complete then you will receive an email confirmation

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Bulk orders of e-gift cards

If you require would like to bulk order e-gift cards please email 

Payment for these orders must be made by direct deposit before the gift cards are issued.

You will need to supply a CSV file with the details of all the recipients, as well as the date and time you want the cards sent.

Due to recent legislation changes we cannot sell more than $4,999 of gift cards to any individual, company or other legal entity within any 3 month period.  We also cannot split a bulk order exceeding $4,999 of gift cards into multiple smaller orders, even where those smaller orders may be spread over a timeframe longer than 3 months.